5 Features For Your Master Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Contractor: 5 Features For Your Master Bathroom

The master bathroom can be an important space for a home, even if it isn’t used as frequently as spaces like the kitchen and home office. A master bathroom is still a space where people get ready for the day, clean themselves up, or even relax with a warm bath. If you’re thinking of improving your master bathroom and want to add value, consider these five features when working with a bathroom remodel contractor.

Double Sinks

If you have a spouse or other partner sharing the same master bathroom, then double sinks are essential. Activities like brushing teeth or combing hair require the use of the sink and mirror, and if you both work similar hours, this can make for a hectic morning if you have to wait for the mirror and sink space to become available.

Homes that couples live in always benefit from a double-sink counter configuration. This is always a great way to add more sales appeal to a home if you don’t have this feature already in your master bathroom.

Integrated LED Vanity Lighting

In the past, one of the biggest issues in getting ready to face the day was that the application of makeup and other preparations could be thrown off by poor lighting. A single overhead light lets you navigate a bathroom adequately but is inaccurate in showing you what you’ll actually look like in realistic lighting conditions when you apply makeup.

Proper vanity lighting provides bright, even lighting that makes it easier to apply makeup and also gives a more accurate presentation of what people will see when they look at it.

Open Or Glass Enclosed Shower

If you want a luxury shower experience that feels like a spa but also opens up your bathroom so it feels less cramped, an open or glass-enclosed shower is one way to get this. As the names imply, open showers have no walls or barriers, while a glass-enclosed shower provides a glass wall. In either case, they offer a spacious experience that doesn’t look as space-hungry as the traditional shower configurations.

Premium Toilet

We’re all familiar with the basic toilet seen in public bathrooms and many homes, but there are more advanced, luxury models with many different features. Some toilets now build the water tank into the wall for a distinctive look and to reclaim more space. Advanced toilets also have features like warm seats or bidets, with a gentle jet of water that can eliminate any need for toilet paper.

Radiant Heat Floors

The icy feel of cold tile underfoot as people step into the bathroom can often shock people in the morning. However, this can now be easily remedied with radiant heat systems for the floor. This provides a small touch of luxury and makes for a more comfortable bathroom experience. This type of system is also more energy efficient and effective than using a forced air system for the same purpose.

If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom and want to work with an experienced bathroom remodel contractor, we can help. Contact us today, and we can start planning your bathroom upgrade project.