5 Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom

Bathroom Reconstruction - 5 Bathroom Features To Include

Bathroom reconstruction can be a very demanding experience for homeowners, especially if they’re still in the home while the work is being done. If you want to make sure your bathroom reconstruction is something you’re happy with, these five tips will go a long way toward giving you a room that you’ll enjoy and will serve you well over the years.

Think About Recessed Spaces

This is particularly important for smaller bathroom spaces, such as a “water closet” style bathroom with only a sink and a toilet. When space is at a premium, you want to make the most of what you’ve got available. One way to do this is to build in more recesses, such as spaces for soap to go or even a recess for the toilet if the structure allows for it.

Recessed spaces can claim back some of that precious bathroom real estate for other features.

Ventilation Matters

Building code generally requires some kind of ventilation, but there’s more than one solution to this. If you prefer letting in some natural light, windows can provide the ventilation a bathroom needs. However, if that’s not an option or a preference, then a standard ventilation fan can also do the job.

Ventilation is essential both for clearing out unpleasant odors quickly and removing steam and other humidity, which can damage a bathroom and lead to mold infestations if left to linger.

Color Influences Size

The color you choose to paint a bathroom doesn’t just convey a mood or give you something to look at; it can also influence the perception of size. Lighter colors, such as white, for example, tend to carry a greater mood of spaciousness. On the other hand, darker colors can communicate a sense of coziness or even “cramped” spacing.

Depending on the size of the bathroom and tone you want to establish, pick your colors carefully.

More Lights May Be Required

If the bathroom you’re targeting for bathroom reconstruction is one that you plan on using for personal grooming as well, increase your budget and spend more time thinking about lighting. If you care about your personal presentation, you’ll want plenty of light for activities like checking yourself in the mirror for shaving, trimming hair, make-up application, and other activities.

A single ceiling light will make these activities more complicated than necessary and provide an inaccurate representation of how you’ll look once you’re outside. Give your bathroom the light it needs if you want to use it to look your best.

The Lower Wall Needs Extra Protection

Whether you install bead boards or just decide to use water-resistant paint, always remember that the most vulnerable part of a bathroom is the walls from the waist down. This is because the use of the sink, the bathtub, or the shower stall will involve a lot of splashing around, raising the likelihood of direct contact with water.

If you don’t take precautions with handling this direct water contact, mold and other unhealthy infestations can occur in the bathroom. Talk through these with your contract during your bathroom reconstruction to make sure your project is a successful one.