5 Important Features For Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling: 5 Important Features To Look At

If you’ve been saving up the money and you think that now is the time to do some kitchen remodeling, there are a plethora of ways you can improve this important room in your home. However, some features will have more of an impact than others. Here are the features you might want to think about if you want your kitchen remodel to really change things.

An Island Counter

A multi-purpose island counter can be a game-changer for a heavily used kitchen. Provided that the counter is sensibly positioned and uses its space well, this opens up many options for food preparation, dining, and even socialization, depending on the configuration of the counter.

One of the great things about island counters is how generically multi-purpose or specialized they can be. An island counter can be constructed strictly for food preparation, or it can have conveniences built in such as extra electrical outlets for kitchen appliances or even device charging like phones and tablets.

Durable Tile

For kitchen flooring, tile provides the best combination of price and performance. Other options, such as treated bamboo or oak, can provide the warmth of wood, but these are more delicate materials that are both more expensive and require higher maintenance.

Tile, however, typically lasts as long as the home it is installed in, and the only reason it would need replacing is if owners get tired of its look or new owners want a modern update. If you choose a tile surface with higher resistance to moisture, such as a form of treated porcelain versus the usual ceramic choices, you get even more durability.

Higher Cabinets

If you’re willing to go with a larger 42” cabinet size for your kitchen remodeling, you’ll find that your total storage capacity increases by about 25%, which is a sizable jump. Higher cabinets may add accessibility issues for some, but there are also design solutions that can help alleviate this for people who are concerned.

Cabinets are one of the most dominant elements of kitchen décor, serving both an important utilitarian and aesthetic function, so going with bigger, taller cabinets can make a big difference to the overall look of a kitchen.

Stainless Steel Appliances

For those willing to invest in them, stainless steel appliances are a great choice for any kitchen remodeling. Aesthetically, stainless steel has a unique look but is also associated with professionalism, and that’s for a good reason. Most commercial cooking establishments use stainless steel for their appliances, not for the look but the durability.

Stainless steel is stain resistant, rust-resistant, and extremely hardy compared to other materials. It costs more, but you get reliability, performance, and durability from quality stainless steel appliances.


Some view them as an unnecessary expense, but a quality tile backsplash doesn’t just look good on a wall; it also protects that wall. Cooking releases steam, smoke particles, and oil vapors into the air, and even with good ventilation, not all of this leaves the kitchen.

This is where backsplashes come in, protecting kitchen walls from the degradation that comes as these various particles accumulate. Backsplashes preserve the integrity of your kitchen’s walls.

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