5 Kitchen Design Trends To Bring You Into 2016

If you plan to have your kitchen remodeled and updated this year, there are some pretty great trends circulating for the year 2016. A fresh and modern kitchen is a kitchen that really gives your home function with style, and for this reason we’d like to break down the top 5 kitchen design trends of 2016 for your consideration:

  1. Going grey – For years, white was the anchor color in most kitchens, undoubtedly for how easily it meshes right in with any other color. For 2016, however, grey is slated to take over white’s position, and we’re finding that it’s just as versatile as its lighter and brighter counterpart. The really fantastic thing about going grey? It’s not going to show damages like white will!
  2. Sinks popping with color – White and stainless steel sinks may have been the norm for years, but 2016 is seeing sinks providing the much needed pops of color in modern kitchens. Greens and blues are most popular, although you can go with any color you choose, and matching backsplashes are making these sinks pop even more!
  3. Go bold with lighting – Kitchen lighting is getting a bold makeover this year, and instead of the subtle recessed lighting kitchens are often known for, oversized light fixtures, colorful shades, and statement lighting is really big in kitchen design. Great lighting is important in the kitchen, and it appears 2016 is seeing lighting that is all about aesthetic and function.
  4. Storage as a priority – Cabinetry and kitchen storage is more important than ever this year, and it seems that the more smart storage you can pack into your kitchen, the better. Magnet drawers, using up vertical space, and multi-tiered storage options are particularly popular.
  5. Bringing the kitchen to the rest of your home – If your home has a distinct style, a big 2016 trend is to take that style and translate it to your kitchen as well. For many years, the kitchen was looked at as a separate entity in the home, but not anymore.

We can help you to bring in these new trends with your kitchen remodel. To schedule a consultation and see how we can make your kitchen dreams a reality, simply call us at Cardigan today!

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