5 Kitchen Remodeling Choices That Make A Big Difference

5 Kitchen Remodeling Choices That Make A Big Difference

If you’re planning a home improvement upgrade that’s big, like your kitchen, then before you start wondering, “Who does kitchen remodeling near me,” you should think about what kind of kitchen upgrade you want to see. This is especially true if you don’t want to redo the entire kitchen from top to bottom. These are the kitchen remodeling choices that often have the most impact.

Adding A Backsplash

If your kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash, this addition is often one that can both change the look of your kitchen and make it a better place to work. The backsplash is tiling applied to the kitchen wall to give it the same durability and water resistance as the floor. Adding a backsplash not only makes the kitchen easier to clean but can also often play a similar role in defining the kitchen’s look as cabinets do.

Adding An Island Counter

Even if you don’t have a massive kitchen space, depending on the kitchen layout, an island counter can still be a smart and useful addition to the area. Island counters not only give you an additional work surface, but they can also replace other furnishings in the kitchen, such as a dining table, if you eat in your kitchen regularly. An island counter can also be an additional space to add other fixtures, such as more cabinetry or even a dishwasher or sink.

Countertop Upgrade

If you’re mostly happy with your kitchen, especially the layout, then you don’t have to change that, but a new countertop can make a huge difference to your kitchen’s look, even if the floor space remains identical. A new countertop provides a unique look but can also improve your kitchen preparation by providing a better work surface and encouraging you to make the most of it. It can also add some value to your property.

Update The Cabinets

It can be the most expensive investment you make in a kitchen upgrade, or you can save some money by only replacing the cabinet doors or even repainting them. However, because kitchen cabinets are the most visible aspect of any kitchen, a change to the cabinets is a huge change to the visual profile of the kitchen.

Cabinets tend to be big ticket items, so investing in completely new cabinets raises the property’s value overall and provides a new look for the kitchen.

New Appliances

By far, one of the most noticeable changes in a daily living basis for a kitchen is investing in new appliances. Upgrading from an old refrigerator to a new one that includes an ice and water dispenser, or has smart functionality so you can look inside without opening it, changes the home experience.

The same is true for investing in a new stove that’s a big step up from the current model or getting new appliances that weren’t there before, such as a dishwasher. These choices change just how useful a kitchen can be for all the residents.

If you’ve got a kitchen upgrade project and you’re wondering, “Who can do kitchen remodeling near me,” contact us today. We can help make it a successful upgrade.