5 Popular Bathroom Remodeling Choices

5 Popular Bathroom Remodeling Choices

If you’re thinking it’s time to upgrade your home and are wondering, “Who can do bathroom remodeling near me,” it’s important to consider what kind of upgrades you want. There are plenty of ways to change a bathroom, but if you want bathroom upgrades that can make a difference, these are the most popular choices.

Infrastructure Changes

Sometimes the biggest changes are the ones you can’t even see, and that is where background or infrastructure home improvement can make a big difference. In the case of bathroom remodeling, this can sometimes include upgrading old plumbing to modern materials, upgrading a hot water tank, or even replacing it with something different, such as tankless hot water. Other choices include building a ventilation system or other improvements to help manage the humidity level in a bathroom.

Improved Toilets

New toilets bring a whole range of benefits, depending on the priorities. Toilets with built-in bidet functions, for example, can lead to better hygiene and reduced toilet paper usage, helping to keep things more efficient and lower costs in the home. Newer toilets can also save on water usage, with more efficient plumbing, or even recycle water used in a built-in sink to go into the toilet itself for flushing.

Improving The Shower Experience

Showers are another focal point for home improvement as many people have moved beyond the perception that they are just a necessary evil for people who aren’t using a bathtub. In some cases, people have chosen to remove the bathtub and increase the size of a shower stall to have a more premium, luxury shower experience. Another big change is the shower head, which can include features like higher pressure or changing to a rainfall style of water dispensing.
Other notable changes for showers include modifying them for mobility issues, such as making them more accessible for wheelchair users or those with assistive devices like walkers. Handlebars can also be included for safety.

Vanity Improvement

One of the most popular choices for improving a bathroom is upgrading the vanity counter. This is often a focal point for homeowners with decorative ambitions because it’s one of the few areas in a bathroom that provides many more options for color and design. It’s very easy to look at the vanity and develop new ways to change this that can dramatically change the look of a bathroom.

Adding A Half Bath

The most popular choice for bathroom upgrades is an additional smaller bathroom, or “half-bath,” or “water closet.” This is a bathroom that usually includes only a toilet and sink, though sometimes, if room allows, a small shower stall can also be fitted. Adding another bathroom often greatly improves the quality of life in a home with multiple residents as it can reduce arguments over usage during peak times such as going to work and school.

If you’re planning a bathroom home improvement project and are wondering, “Who can do bathroom remodeling near me,” contact us today. We have friendly, experienced, professional staff that can take you through your plans and make them a reality.