5 Pros of Wood Countertops


When it’s time to choose the counters for your kitchen remodel, there are several materials, textures, colors, and designs you can choose from. No matter what your budget, you can likely find something both fabulous and functional to meet your needs and desires.

One of hottest countertop materials to be found these days is wood. Though wood countertops have been around for a while, their popularity has grown, and with good reason. Make that 5 good reasons:

1. Natural Beauty. As opposed to a man-made laminate, wood is found in nature. Many types of wood countertops are recyclable, which makes eco-conscious people happy.

2. Versatility. Believe it or not, wood is versatile. You can go with any shade from light to dark and you can choose to stain it or not. It works with classic, modern, country-chic, or even Hampton’s décor.

3. Warm Tones. There is nothing quite as warm as wood and the effect it has in a kitchen is complete comfort. Wood reminds people of a cozy cabin in the woods, or cottage by the lakeside.

4. Durability. Seal them well and they are quite durable. They maintain their gorgeous appearance, and even if they get a scrape or a ding, it only makes them more charming.

5. Easy Repair. A little sanding, a little wood filler, and a bit of reconditioning and your wood countertops will look as good as new in no time.

One needs only to see a kitchen with wood countertops to fall in love with them. If you’re planning to do a kitchen remodel, stop by and talk to us about your countertop options. We work well with wood, and we can let you know what to expect from installation and beyond.