5 Signs It’s Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

5 Signs It’s Time To Complete A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling keeps your home fresh, modern, and with the times. Whether you’re planning to sell your home, or you’re intending to stay for many years, a kitchen remodel will provide you with quite a bit of value. If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but you’re not quite sure if now is the right time, the 5 signs that it’s time for a remodel are:

1. Your kitchen gets messy quickly – If you find your kitchen is consistently cluttered, and the mess piles up quickly, it may be time to consider a remodel. Being short on counter or storage space will lead you to begin using your countertops as storage, leaving your kitchen with a messy and cluttered look no matter how frequently you try to tidy up. Additionally, you’ll find it difficult to prepare food and use your kitchen without feeling frustrated at your lack of space.

2. Your kitchen layout leaves something to be desired – Throughout the decades, different kitchen trends have taken over, some less than convenient in terms of layout or design. For instance, islands were particularly desirable in the 1980’s, and while these work in larger kitchens, they can pose something of a hazard in smaller kitchen spaces. While carrying a hot pot off of the stove, catching the corner of an island in a too-small area can even be dangerous. If your layout leaves something to be desired, it may be time to consider a full remodel.

3. Your kitchen is too high maintenance – Tile backsplashes, countertops, and flooring may look timeless, but they only look consistently clean with serious regular care. If you find yourself dreading cleaning your kitchen, it could be time to remodel your space with some materials that take a little less work when it comes to upkeep.

4. Your electric bills are rising – As electric appliances begin to break down, they will require more energy do work efficiently than they once did. Keeping these appliances running from month to month could be adding significant money to your energy bills, and money that could be saved by considering a kitchen remodel with energy efficient appliances. With the difference in energy costs, you may even find that your new energy efficient kitchen remodel pays for itself over time.

5. Your dated space is bringing down your home value – If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, you’ll quickly find that you want to combine both the most desirable look with the highest value you can get out of it. A kitchen remodel is one home investment that truly pays for itself, and can add significant aesthetic and monetary value to your home with one single room upgrade.

If you’ve considered remodeling your kitchen in the near future, these signs can lead you to know if the time is now. For more on kitchen remodeling, contact us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today.