5 Signs It’s Time To Seek The Help Of A Plumbing Company In Maryland

5 Signs It’s Time To Seek The Help Of A Plumbing Company In Maryland

Plumbing services play a crucial role in major kitchen or bathroom remodels due to their expertise in waterworks. Yet, the need for a plumbing company in Maryland extends beyond renovations.

Keep an eye out for these signs signaling it’s time to call in the professionals.

Water Pressure Drop

If you turn on taps or take a shower and notice that water is noticeably flowing with less strength than it used to, it’s a clear sign that you need professional help. Unlike a slow drain, a drop in water pressure usually indicates a pretty severe issue that requires expert assistance.

It may indicate a leak in your water pipes or even a blockage, and this is something only professionals can handle.

Slow Drains

A single slow-draining drain is usually a minor, localized issue, easily addressed with a plunger or plumbing snake. But if every drain in the house is draining slowly, there is likely a problem with the main drainage pipe.

This is a pressing concern that demands the expertise of professionals.

The Plunger Isn’t Working On The Toilet

Overflowing toilets happen, especially in homes with kids. Sometimes, things that shouldn’t be flushed get flushed down, and in these cases, a blockage can occur immediately.

Most of the time, a plunger or even a plumbing snake is often all that’s needed to clear the blockage. However, if either method is working, it’s a sign that it’s time to bring in the experts.

The problem may not be a recent blockage and could point to something else.

No Hot Water

Attempting to tackle this issue yourself is not advisable. Hot water can be sourced from a tank or tankless system. If only hot water is problematic while cold water flows fine, it’s a complex issue.

Only qualified professionals should inspect water heaters or tankless heating systems.

You Smell Sewage From The Drains

Finally, an issue that plumbing companies in Maryland tackle is the unpleasant odor of sewage coming from drains. This signals a potential issue with the main sewage drain.

At best, this might be a blockage deep in the drain that requires the expertise of professionals. At worst, this may indicate a break in the drainage pipe that is now accumulating outside the pipe and causing the smell of spilled sewage to seep back into the home.

In either case, a professional plumbing contractor should inspect to determine the cause. If you have a project that requires the help of a plumbing company in Maryland, contact us.