5 Signs That You Need A Professional Plumber

Plumber In Crofton MD And 5 Signs You Need To Call

In some plumbing situations, a fix is small and easy enough that you should handle it yourself rather than calling for a plumber in Crofton MD. Weak water flow at only one sink, for example, can be quickly addressed by unscrewing the aerator in the faucet and cleaning it.

But there are other situations where the best thing you can do for your home is bringing in a professional plumber in Crofton MD. Here are five of those situations that merit experienced, professional help.

Colored Water

This is serious and can affect the health of every person in residence. If you turn on the tap and the water that comes out isn’t clear, that water may not be safe for consumption. Don’t drink it, and don’t use it in cooking. It could be that there is an issue with your water heater that needs addressing, or the problem could be coming from one of the water pipes itself.
Whatever the case, colored water is not something you can handle on your own.

Sewer Smell From Drain Holes

While substances that give off odors may be poured down drains or flushed down toilets, foul smells should not come from those same sources. Drains and toilets go into a drainage pipe that runs wastewater into a central sewer system or a septic tank. If you can smell something, then the waste is not being adequately moved away. A professional needs to look into this.

“Bubbles” In Ceiling Or Walls

This is likely the sign of a leak from a pipe somewhere in the home. For example, if you see “bubbles” forming on a ceiling or a wall, that is the paint and the drywall reacting to the occasional introduction of water into the wall. In some cases, this may indicate a leaky roof, but in other cases, it usually means that there’s a leak in a pipe that needs to be located and fixed.

Green Patch On Lawn

Waste, such as feces, can often provide nutrition to soil and plant life. While this may be good for the plants, it’s bad for you and the environment in general if the reason is waste from your home isn’t adequately moved away or treated. If you have a leak in your drainage pipe and waste is leaking out into the soil, it can manifest as extremely green patches of grass or other plants in your yard.

Rising Water Bills

If every person in the home is honest with you about their water usage, but you see much bigger water bills per month than what you’re used to, this probably also means you have a leak somewhere in the building. You can confirm this for yourself if you ensure no water is being used and check the water meter. Then, if it still shows water is being counted off as part of your bill, get an experienced plumber in Crofton MD, to come down and help you find and fix the leak so that you won’t be paying for water that you never even got to use.