5 Tips For A Better Kitchen Remodel

Crofton Remodeling Contractor: 5 Tips For A Better Kitchen Remodel

Crofton remodeling contractor services are among the best bets for getting quality results in a kitchen remodel. However, beyond the quality of the work, the most important thing is getting what you want, and Crofton remodeling contractor services can’t help you here unless you give some thought to what will make your kitchen experience right for you. Here are five tips for better customizing your kitchen plans to suit your needs.

Microwave Height

While it’s not something many people consider, kitchen remodeling gives homeowners the chance to get a custom placement or mounting for a microwave oven, rather than just putting one on top of a counter and calling it a day. For different home needs, this presents a lot of options.

Families, for example, may benefit from lower placement since this allows children to make use of the microwave with less difficulty. This can be a lifesaver on busy days when a TV dinner is the order of the day. On the other hand, seniors may not want to reach too high or too low, so placement for their needs can make a big difference in their daily quality of life.

Island Function

An island counter can do a lot of things for homeowners. Some may want to do most cooking here, including using the range. Others may prefer to use it primarily for eating, with only some secondary food preparation. There’s a big difference between a primarily social and primarily culinary function.

What you want to use an island for in the kitchen can have a huge impact on the layout of the rest of the kitchen itself.

Organize The Range Space

Once you know where your range is going and what your use it for, plan the cabinet and storage space around that area. Pots and pans, for example, will require deep storage, so it’s more utilitarian to create these cabinet storage spaces in proximity to the range. The same goes for any cooking oils that are frequently used.

This depends entirely on the type of cooking done in the household, so space arrangements around the range will vary.

Consider An Appliance Counter

Many kitchens use a lot of appliances now like coffee makers, microwaves, Instant Pots, air fryers, and others. If you plan ahead and designate one portion of the counter for appliances, you can also ensure enough electrical outlets are installed in that area.

This avoids the messy problem of needing extension cords to accommodate all the appliances you want to use in your kitchen.

Maintain Space

There’s a lot of temptation to squeeze in as much as possible in a kitchen, especially with smaller spaces. But a truly functional kitchen is one where residents don’t get caught up in. Ensure that you give yourself ample room to move around when planning a new kitchen design. Arrange the layout so that if there’s a need for traffic to come in and out, such as people using the kitchen regularly to exit into the backyard, this doesn’t disrupt the workflow.

You can get the kitchen you want by considering these factors and discussing them with your Crofton remodeling contractor services.