5 Tips on Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Contractors Kitchen Cabinets: 5 Tips On Organizing

Have you recently had contractors kitchen cabinets installed in your home during your kitchen renovation? If so, you may wonder how to organize your new cabinets to make the space even more functional.

1. Remove All Items

When organizing your kitchen cabinets, start by removing all items. If you just had contractors kitchen cabinets installed, they are already empty, putting you ahead of the organizing game. Start by organizing all your items, including any food items you store in your cabinets and dinnerware and cookware items. Wipe everything down to start with a clean and dust-free slate.

2. Clean Cabinet Shelves and Doors

Even new cabinets can benefit from a wipe down. You can use a multi-surface cleaner or even a degreaser spray to clean your cabinets from the inside out. If the contractors kitchen cabinets are new, make sure to consult with them to ensure you only use appropriate cleaners that won’t cause any damage.

3. Measure Cabinets

Next, measure the cabinets. This is easy information following a new install, as it will be more readily available. You want to take measurements so you can find the right dividers and organizers for your cabinets.

4. Place Like Items Together

Now that you are ready to start putting things away in your new cabinets, consider storing all like items together to increase functionality and streamline the cooking process. You then must decide which cabinet would be the best location for each item to allow optimal access and maintain cleanliness and organization.

5. Maximize Storage Capacity

When you organize your kitchen cabinets, ensure you are utilizing your space in the best way possible. Most new cabinetry allows you to adjust the shelving when needed. If your cabinets have a good amount of vertical space, stack your dishes or cookware on their side, so you can easily access them.

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