5 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors: 5 Ways To Improve Organization

Working with kitchen remodeling contractors to renovate your kitchen is one of the biggest projects a homeowner can undertake. If your goal with the remodeling is to get a kitchen built to suit your specific needs finally, then the organization will be a major component of your planning and design.

Here are five ways kitchen remodeling contractors can improve the organization in your kitchen when you invest in remodeling.

Extenders For Appliances

Many kitchens now rely on a series of different devices for food preparation, whether that’s a food processor itself, an air fryer, a rice cooker, Instant Pot, or even a stand mixer for baking. However, these appliances have specific uses and need to be stored away the rest of the time, unlike a stove, which is a permanent fixture.

Cabinets can be designed with extenders and pullouts for appliances and other large kitchen items like pots. This makes them faster and easier to retrieve instead of struggling to take them out and put them back after use.


It doesn’t always have to be cabinets that line the kitchen walls. In some cases, especially for cooking purposes, it may make more sense to have shelving so that items can be quickly accessed. Some homeowners may even prefer a greater number of shelves versus cabinets.

Of course, the practical consideration is that shelves use considerably less building material than cabinets and so cost less. More shelving is always an option for people who want quality but are on a budget.

Built-In Appliances

If you’re willing to invest, another option when working with kitchen remodeling contractors is to plan to have your appliances built into countertops, cabinets, or even island counters. Doing this with appliances like coffee machines or microwaves means more usable space is available on the counter.

It’s important to plan ahead for a decision like this. Some appliances like microwave ovens naturally lend themselves to this kind of installation, but only if you consider it ahead of time.

Build A Pantry

Nothing gets the job done like a pantry for people who are truly serious about organizing ingredients and other dry goods. Of course, this means you are willing to sacrifice a certain amount of space dedicated exclusively to a “food closet,” but for people that use their kitchen intensively, this is a big help.

Pantries can vary a lot in size, with walk-in pantries taking up entire rooms while others occupy a significant amount of cabinet space on a wall.

Drawer Dish Storage

While a common place to store dishes is a cabinet, in some cases, drawer storage may make more sense. With proper partitions and divisions, dishes stacked in drawers can be organized much more smartly. On top of this, they are also easier to retrieve and store.

Reaching up for dishes and accidentally dropping them can be easily avoided by pulling open a drawer and picking them up from stacks at a lower position. This is a better alternative to traditional cabinet storage of dishes for children and even seniors.

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