5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Smarter

Kitchen Renovations: 5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Smarter

Kitchen renovations are supposed to improve how you prepare food in your home. However, today’s homeowners have options that past generations never had, such as smart home functions. A “smart kitchen” is designed to take advantage of today’s advanced sensor, computer, and wireless internet technologies. Here are five ways that planning for a smart kitchen in your kitchen renovations can make a difference.

Smart Fridge

A smart fridge can become a central fixture of a smart kitchen. The addition of a touch screen can be used to leave notes to family members or act as a television in the kitchen, so music or video can be streamed in while people eat or cook.

However, smart fridges can also come equipped with cameras that let you look inside and show you exactly what’s in your fridge, so you never have to wonder whether you still have milk or need to buy another carton.

Smart Ovens

Timing is everything with ovens, but often the best dishes require a “hurry up and wait” mentality to be decently prepared. Pre-heating the oven, for example, is one of the necessary but wasteful periods while getting ready to roast or bake things.

Smart ovens, however, can be remotely operated. So if you’re in another part of the house or even on the way home, your phone can order the oven to pre-heat itself and notify you when the desired temperature has been reached. You can even place dishes in the oven before this and program the oven to bake at a specific time.

Smart Garden

There’s nothing quite like fresh vegetables or herbs. A smart garden is a small unit that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. It comes with its own sunlamp, so the plants get the light they need for chlorophyll, as well as sensors to monitor the plants and give reminders on when they need water and other maintenance.

This reduces just how much of a green thumb is required to nurture the plants and allows for the freshest vegetables or herbs for recipes.

Smart Faucets

Water is an essential element of cooking and cleanliness, and smart faucets can add a lot of convenience to the kitchen experience. Today’s faucets have the functionality to turn on with a quick touch or, if required, voice operation if you’re holding something and don’t have a free hand.

These faucets can even set the water to the desired temperature if you need something more specific than just cold or hot.

Smart Dishwashers

The dishwasher is already a significant labor-saving device for households, but a smart dishwasher can save time and money. Smart dishwashers have advanced sensor systems that can accurately assess just how dirty the dishes are.

This assessment then translates into the dishwasher using only the required amount of dishwashing soap, with only the necessary amount of water at an appropriate temperature. This ensures that water bills are never higher than they should be and that only the necessary amount of detergent is used.

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