5 Ways To Upgrade A Small Kitchen

Kitchen Renovations: 5 Ways To Upgrade A Small Kitchen

Some homeowners have a large kitchen to deal with when planning kitchen renovations; for smaller spaces such as condos or even bungalow-style homes, the kitchen can be a smaller space. However, this doesn’t mean that small kitchen renovations are more limited; it just means that there are ways to be more efficient when considering how to spend that renovation budget. Here are some upgrades that can really make a difference.

Glass Cabinet Doors

This serves two functions. First, glass cabinet doors make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in a cabinet without having to open it and search. Secondly, as a bonus, because cabinets have depth, the average opaque cabinet “shrinks” the amount of space people perceive in a kitchen.

However, with glass cabinets, people can see all the way back to the wall again, so in a subliminal sense, this can also give back some space to a kitchen. This makes it feel bigger.

Install More Shelves

If you have some empty wall space in your kitchen, consider installing shelves in these areas during your kitchen renovations. Shelves act similarly to glass cabinets but are even cheaper to install. They also provide much more flexible storage space, allowing you to grab things when needed easily.

However, like glass cabinets, they also keep the total space in a kitchen less cluttered and occupied.

Turn Some Cabinets Into Drawers

Drawer storage is the ultimate convenience since it saves people the trouble of sorting through items at the front to get something they want at the back. One way to be even more efficient with your storage is to modify some of your existing cabinets—especially those under the counter—into drawers instead.

This way, pots, pans, and other large, bulky items can be stored in a more compact space without worrying about how you’ll get to them quickly and easily when you need them.

Customize Some Built Ins

If money’s not so much of an issue, just the space, then investing in some custom built-in work can also be a great kitchen renovation decision. For example, if you prefer a large cutting board area, but lack the room for it, think about building in a counter that slides in and out as needed.

Appliances, counters, shelving, and other aspects of your kitchen that are recessed into walls or custom built to slide out of counters and cabinets as and when needed are more expensive but also smart on space usage.

More Windows Make A Difference In Kitchen Renovations

Another way to open up space and add more convenience is to bring in more natural lighting. Windows keep electricity bills down during the day by requiring less light and making it easier to see what’s happening. However, they also have the bonus of bringing a greater sense of space to the kitchen by providing a view.

The trick with small kitchen renovations is to be smart with space usage. Look at what you have and see where you can be more efficient. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, contact us today.