6 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for the Home

Baltimore Contractors: 6 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your next bathroom remodel? Before calling in your Baltimore contractors, let’s go over some amazing bathroom remodel ideas for the home, so you can devise a plan.

1. Open Plan

Looking for a drastic remodel? Maybe you are ready to rip everything out and start from scratch. Well, have you considered an open plan for your bathroom? It is a bold yet minimalist design choice that lets you maximize light and airflow in the bathroom. Pivoting glass doors, an open-plan double shower, and a bathroom with wrap-around windows might be extreme, but if you have the outdoor views, you will find it is well worth the upgrade.

2. Double Sinks

Do you have a smaller bathroom space to work with but still want to double sinks for more convenience? You are not limited to a double vanity that will take up a good portion of the space. Instead, go for matching wall-mounted sinks instead. They are easy for Baltimore contractors to install, and there are many options to choose from.

3. Lighting

Lighting is always a good and affordable way to spruce up a bathroom remodel without breaking the bank. Good lighting is also important for any room design in the home. You don’t want unflattering light hitting you as you get ready, right? LED backlighting is a great option to add some glamour while still being modern and chic. Ambient light is also good for a relaxing nighttime soak.

4. Ledge

A built-in ledge is another popular bathroom remodel design choice and is perfect when you have a large soaking tub. It is a practical design that Baltimore contractors can easily install. It can then be used to style with various accessories and décor items. A ledge next to the bathtub is also the perfect place to put a glass of wine while you soak.

5. Dark Wood

Ready to upgrade the cabinetry you have in the bathroom? Why not go for storage cabinets in dark wood? It is a warm and inviting look while being clean and modern, and sleek when used against an otherwise all-white bathroom.

6. Storage Nook

Need more storage? Have your Baltimore contractors look into building a storage nook area during your bathroom remodel. It can be a built-in and open shelving design or a closed storage area that adds functionality to any bathroom.

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