6 Features To Put Into Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

Kitchen Or Bath Remodel: 6 Features To Put Into It

Deciding to take the plunge and invest in a kitchen or bath remodel is one of the best ways to improve a home experience, add value to a property, or both. Often, these rooms can be the deal makers or deal breakers for helping people decide if this is the home for them. If you’re looking for features to help make your home more comfortable or appealing for sale, here are three elements to consider implementing in each room.

For Kitchens:

Island Counters

Even in a small kitchen, it may be possible to fit in an island counter, provided that it’s acting strictly as a workstation and not necessarily a place to eat and socialize. For bigger kitchens, however, island counters offer a great design addition that can change the dynamic of what activities occur in the space. Today’s modern designs always try to incorporate an island counter.

Large Single Sink

Many kitchens, especially in older homes, rely on two sinks of roughly equal size. However, this is not always ideal for larger pots or dishwashing. Sometimes, switching to a large, single sink is more utilitarian for kitchen needs. Consider switching this out for your kitchen remodel.

Rollout Cabinets

A useful feature for large, deep cabinets is to integrate rollouts. This means that if a particular pot or pan is stuck in the back, you no longer have to reach back or remove objects from the front; the entire cabinet rolls out like a drawer—a favorite feature in kitchen cabinetry.

For Bathrooms:

Recessed Storage

Showers and bathtubs typically don’t take up a lot of room, but some people may have a lot of hygiene products, such as a suite of shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and others that can take up a lot of room. Including recessed storage in the tile wall can eliminate many of these issues for more convenience.

Handheld Sprayer

This can be an important accessory for washing. Including it means legs can be rinsed after shaving, and, if there are pets, this is also an easy to bathe cats, dogs, and other animals when the time comes for a quick, easy rinse. It may not be a big accessory, but it can make a huge difference to the bathing and showering experience.

In-Drawer Outlets

Today’s bathroom regimen may involve a lot of different electrical appliances and accessories. From hair dryers to electric razors and even toothbrushes, there is a greater need for electrical outlets in today’s bathrooms. However, bathrooms also bring potential exposure to a lot of water, which can be a risk with electrical appliances. Building electrical outlets into the drawer of the vanity counter is a way to add more outlets safely. This can keep cords and electrical power better sheltered from potential splashes and other mishaps while giving users more options for plugging things in.

If you need kitchen or bath remodel help and want reliable, experienced, professional results, contact us today. We can handle upgrades to your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in the house with enough consultation and planning.