6 Reasons For Bathroom Reconstruction

Bathroom Reconstruction: 6 Reasons You Need One

Undertaking bathroom reconstruction for a home is not a cheap investment if you want it done right. However, there are plenty of reasons to consider getting it done. Here are some of the most common points to consider when looking at your bathroom and evaluating whether it’s time for some remodeling.

Increasing Property Value With Bathroom Reconstruction

Kitchens and bathrooms are generally the two biggest factors that can determine the pricing of a home. If you’re thinking of selling, then getting some bathroom reconstruction for a shiny new presentation can add to the final sale price of your home.

It’s Looking Worn Down

Bathrooms are the only rooms a room that is regularly exposed to large amounts of moisture and humidity. Between using the toilet, washing hands, and faces, and taking long baths, or hot, steamy showers, water builds up in a bathroom, and this “ages” a bathroom faster than any other room in a home. Depending on the condition, a bathroom can look decades older than the home due to the wear and tear of water exposure.

You Need Better Space Usage

Life circumstances change. A single person living in a home may get into a relationship and have someone new move in. A couple may decide to start a family. When this happens, the space in a bathroom that used to be sufficient may no longer be up to the task. Bathroom reconstruction can add more storage or better utilize the area in a bathroom.

You Need Another Bathroom

Sometimes having more space in a bathroom isn’t enough, and there’s a need for more bathrooms. A half-bathroom, or “water closet,” is just a sink and a toilet. This is a great solution for people who just need to brush their teeth and use the toilet in the morning when everyone in a home is trying to get access to bathrooms simultaneously.

More Efficiency

Older homes with older bathrooms generally mean higher water bills. Today’s toilets, bathtubs, and especially showers can be much more water-efficient than older models. If your home is over 50 years old, the water pipes may also need replacement. Remodeling with new water fixtures can mean lower water bills every month.

More Safety

Perhaps the tiles in the bathroom are older and broken. Or maybe they’re slippery and present a hazard for falling. It may even be that due to aging, getting up from the toilet or stepping into a bathtub is no longer as easy or harmless as it used to be. Remodeling can make a bathroom safer and more accessible.