A Gas Or Electric Stove?

A Gas Or Electric Stove?

For people who are thinking about getting Gambrills MD kitchen remodeling, one question that might come to mind, especially with a major renovation, is the idea of getting a new stove. For some people, this will be an opportunity for a major change, such as making the switch from an electric to a gas stove. But if you’re not already cooking with gas, why would you want to make this switch?

The Con: New Infrastructure

One of the biggest considerations for Gambrills MD kitchen remodeling that involves a gas stove where there wasn’t one before, is the installation of a gas pipeline infrastructure. For people in more urbanized areas, this normally involves a hook up to an existing natural gas pipeline, as opposed to needing to bring in tanks of gas burn through regularly.

Of course, adding gas pipelines to a home that doesn’t already have it can be an added investment. So why would anyone do this?

The Pro: More Cooking Versatility

Where gas stoves truly come into their own is for people who are more serious about cooking. Gas gives cooks far more control over the cooking process than an electric stove, or even an induction stove because the heat is adjusted instantly by rotating the dial and lowering or raising the flame. With both electric and induction, there’s a delay in the change in temperature because of the nature of the heating mechanism.
Gas is also cooler in a kitchen, with less wasted heat, as it is concentrated in the flame. Electric must heat an entire heating element to transfer heat to the cookware, while induction must heat the cookware itself. In the case of induction, it also means buying new cookware meant specifically to work with an induction stove.
So when you’re looking at a change of stoves for your Gambrills MD kitchen remodeling, gas is definitely an option, and, for people who are serious about cooking, one of the favorite ones.