A Good Kitchen Renovation Is All About Space

crofton md kitchen remodeling - A Good Kitchen Renovation Is All About Space

Crofton MD kitchen remodeling is all about getting rid of old things, like the kitchen floor surface, the countertops, and the appliances, and putting in something new. But there’s one very important aspect of renovating this area that can make a huge difference to just how much you enjoy your time in the kitchen, and that is space.

A Crofton MD kitchen remodeling doesn’t just give you the appliances, colors, and surfaces you want; it can, with planning, give you a kitchen that lets you work the way you want to because you’ve redesigned the space to suit your needs. Here’s how you can change the space to make your kitchen work better for you.

Landing Space

Your counters are areas where food will be prepared, but one of the things that can make a major difference is having space to “put stuff,” while you are gathering ingredients. This is known as “landing space,” and it’s recommended that you give yourself about 15” worth next to the fridge, stove, or even microwave. It’s an efficient way to have all the ingredients at hand and means you don’t have to walk back and forth between a food preparation area, and where the ingredients are.

Consider Your Traffic

This depends entirely on the layout of your home, but try to look at the ways that people move through your kitchen when they are not using that kitchen, and arrange counters and appliances safely, especially for children.

For example, if your kitchen also leads to a backdoor, you may have a lot of foot traffic coming and going outside to the yard. If you place your stove and microwave in the same “lane” as those walking towards the backdoor or coming in from it are using, you considerably add to the risk of a kitchen-related accident or injury. By moving these areas out of the way of a high traffic area, you have far fewer worries.

Ensure Ample Walking Room

You will be moving to different parts of your kitchen, often at different stages of food preparation occur. This usually means you’ll be walking a brisk pace, and in some cases, you’ll be carrying things with you. If you’re undertaking a major Crofton MD kitchen remodeling, especially for older, less optimized kitchen spaces, give yourself the space you deserve.

If you’re the only one that works in the kitchen, you should allow for at least 42” wide spaces when walking around the area. However, if you often have help, or you live in a “two cook” household, then adjust that space 48” to give yourself a bit more room to pass each other by when needed, if someone is at a counter.

Optimize Your Layout

If you have a set way of preparing things, and already know how you like to organize your workload and appliances, then take full advantage of knowing what your workflow already is. If you eat breakfast in the kitchen, keep breakfast related items like cereal near the table. If you store many leftovers, design the space with easy access to your glass or plastic storage items.