Adding An Additional Bathroom

Adding An Additional Bathroom

It’s one thing to remodel something that’s already there, such as your kitchen, or if you decide you want to do some Bowie bathroom remodeling on the one you already have attached to your master bedroom. But it’s a completely different thing to decide to add a brand new bathroom to your house. That’s where the big question comes in. Should you do it?

A Question Of Space

Of course, one of the biggest issues you’ll be worried about when it comes to adding an additional bathroom is the feasibility of taking up existing space. One of the best case scenarios for considering an additional bathroom is if you’ve decided to build a new extension to your home anyway. If you’re getting new rooms, consider adding some bathroom plans to that extension.

Of course, not everyone is going to be taking their home improvement activities to that scale. However, even if you’re not building additions into your home, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find new, existing opportunities within your home for some Bowie bathroom remodeling that gets you a brand new room.

For example, if you’ve got a long hallway, you may have an opportunity to “cap it off” and add a bathroom there. If you’re finishing your basement, a bathroom addition in that area is always welcome. You may even be able to co-opt existing spaces such as a large closet or take up space under the stairs.

Water & Legality

It’s always important to consult an expert when you’re thinking about adding a bathroom. The two primary reasons for this are ensuring safe, reliable water and waste connection, and remaining compliant with state codes.

Water connections are vital. If you have a bathroom that doesn’t have any running water or a toilet that can’t be flushed, then the bathroom is essentially useless. A plumber will need to ascertain where water and sewage lines are, then see whether it’s feasible to connect new water and waste pipes to the existing infrastructure or build out new connections if they are very far away from the current pipes.

The other issue is making sure that any Bowie bathroom remodeling is legal. An ethical plumber, looking out for your best interests and protecting your home’s property value, will make sure that the plans you have for your addition actually fall within legal building codes. If a bathroom violates building codes, this can hurt your property value, so always make sure you remain compliant