Adding Storage During Your Remodel

Adding Storage During Your Remodel

You do not need to undergo a home remodel just for looks. There can be practical benefits when doing an interior remodel – primarily in the form of added storage. Adding storage can drastically open a room, optimizing the space that is available. Awkward nooks and crannies can be turned into storage if you creatively think about how to best utilize unusual spaces. Below are some ideas to get you started!

Kitchen Storage

When considering your kitchen remodel, it may be worthwhile to think about the items you have, and how you wish you store them, rather than trying to put the pieces together after the remodel. If you have a lot of pots, think about ways to store pots! Drawers can be taken as far down as the floor to hide awkward items that are slim or oversized, eliminating clutter in the process. Cabinets can have outward-facing ends to add storage space. Also, consider built-in outlets or cutouts, depending on what tools you may utilize in the kitchen.

Bathroom Storage

Utilizing every inch of space can be especially important in a bathroom. Shelving can be installed in the simplest of places, such as a wall cutout. An area that may otherwise be dead can be transformed and allow you to places towels and baskets. Cabinets can be placed in many places in a bathroom, as they can have a low profile – they just need to extend deeply enough to hold a single row of bottles and small boxes. Since space may be limited, free-standing storage could also help create some space, while also providing the flexibility to move items around. Stacked wicker baskets and storage ladders can be a simple but effective way to maximize your bathroom’s storage space.

Laundry Room Storage

Even if you don’t have a specific space dedicated as a mudroom, your redesign could allow you the ability to create one! Not every room has a specific need, but something as simple as an unused corner can be turned into a “mudroom” with shelves, hooks, seating, and hidden storage. Floors tend to attract clutter, and this is likely true in your laundry or mud room. Shoes, backpacks, dirty clothes, and detergents could be everywhere. Keeping storage elevated will help force items into drawers or onto shelves.

Are The Ideas Flowing Yet? Visit Us To See Even More Options

While the ideas listed above may help get the ball rolling, each space is unique. If you are looking for more ideas that may fit your home, call today at 410-451-9340 to schedule your Showroom Appointment today! The most important aspect is planning. You should look to add storage benefits into your remodel, not tack them on after the fact. Come in and discover storage options that will perfectly fit your remodeling vision.