All About Bathtubs

Now that you have finally embarked on the adventure we call “remolding the bathroom,” you will have to make some pretty tough decisions. Believe it or not, one of the toughest decisions that you will have to make could be regarding your bathtub. There are about a million (okay, maybe a thousand) options for bathtubs these days and finding the right one for you can be tough.  Of course, you might be more of a shower-only person, in which case you will have your own options to review when it comes to showers. But that is another story.

The Fun Tubs

There are tubs offered today that range from functional to just plain fun. You can get a bathtub shaped like a high-heeled shoe, a row boat, or even a spaceship. Bathtubs come in varying colors, from black to bronze, red to green, and even tubs covered in rhinestones or gold.  Some tubs have built-in aquariums so that you can really feel like you are swimming with the fishes, while some tubs are set up with colored lights that pulse to the beat of your Bluetooth speaker.  When it comes to the tub that you want in your home, though a shoe-tub might sound like fun, you might want to take some types into consideration when making your purchase.

A Good Ol’ Tub

This is the kind of bathtub that you have probably always had.  It’s functional and serves its purpose, whether you are giving the kids a bath, or giving one to Fido. It isn’t much in the way of looks, but it gets the job done.  You can certainly stick with the old reliable tub if you have more important things to work on.

The Soaking Tub

If you are in the middle of a remodel and you have the extra space, why not think about a soaking tub?  This is a tub that is deeper than average so that you can fill it right up and enjoy a long, hot bath. You can find them in different sizes and shapes, depending on what you like.  Even the old cast-iron vintage tubs are considered soaking tubs due to their depth.

Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs can also be referred to as Jacuzzi tubs or air tubs due to jets that propel water and air around the tub to create a bubbled effect.  This can sooth sore muscles and joints, provide a therapeutic massage, and give the bather a feeling of utter relaxation.

A Walk-In Tub

For those who are in a later stage of life, there are walk-in tubs that have a door that allows the bather to simply walk into the tub as opposed to having to climb over an edge.  The door has a tight seal that keeps the water inside once closed.

Whatever type of bathtub you decide on, let Cardigan help you with all of your bathroom renovations. From the most basic decisions to the most complex installations, our experience will be your guide when it comes to your remolding project. We’ll be sure that you get the bathtub you want, set up just how you want it; even if it’s a spaceship.

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