Always Have A Spare During Your Home Remodel

Crofton Remodeling - Always Have A Spare During Your Home Remodel

People who are planning a big Crofton remodeling will, at the end of the project, enjoy a more beautiful home, that better suits their needs, and likely increases the value of the property. However, if you’re doing something major, such as a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, or you got ambitious and decided to do both, this also means one thing; if you’re still living in your home, how will do without these rooms?

Plan Accordingly

As you can see, it’s not enough to plan for a kitchen/bathroom Crofton remodeling, layout your timetable for completion of the project, and make sure you’ve defined a budget you’re comfortable with, and you’re sticking with it. People are still living in their homes during a remodel must now figure out ways to get along without these vital fixtures. A typical kitchen remodel, for example, can take 4-6 weeks!

In the case of a kitchen, this means you may want to create an auxiliary kitchen somewhere else. Depending on the time of year, for example, moving hot plates and buckets into the backyard for cooking purposes, and using the grill may be a way to circumvent the lack of cooking.

For bathrooms, it’s a bit trickier. You may want to either work out an arrangement with neighbors to use their facilities while yours are down or, take up residence in a hotel or other temporary lodgings until your plumbing is restored. If neither of those is options, and you’re willing to spend a bit more money, portable toilets and shower units are available for rental and can be moved to your property until they are no longer required.

If you’re not moving into a home until the remodeling is done, you have the luxury of just sitting back and waiting. But if this is your home, and you’re still in it during Crofton remodeling, you need to take some extra steps to continue living there while the work continues.