Are All Signs Pointing Towards A Plumbing Problem?

Your plumbing is a big deal. As the single most used fixture in your home, it’s also one that you will probably be least likely to think about as regularly as you should…that is, until a problem occurs. At Cardigan, we’re not just about kitchen and bathroom remodels, and we can help you to keep your plumbing in great condition as well.

So, do you know when signs are pointing to a plumbing problem? Learning these signs can mean the difference between a simple plumbing upgrade or repair, and an all-out plumbing disaster. A few signs pointing towards a plumbing problem in your home are:

  • Low pressure – Low water pressure could be caused by faucet or showerhead experiencing some buildup, or it could be a clue to a bigger problem. To eliminate any buildup, tie a plastic bag filled with vinegar to the faucet or showerhead, then try again, and if the water is still dripping slowly, call us right away. Chronically low water pressure can be a sign pointing towards a clog or unseen leak, which can lead to burst pipes or mold growth respectively.
  • Colored water – Colored water is another big sign of a plumbing problem, and one that should be fixed immediately. Water that has a green tinge means that copper pipes are eroding, water with a brown tinge signifies the presence of rust, and water that is white or cloudy may be pointing towards unwanted air.
  • Knocking – The knocking sounds your pipes may make is not normal, and it could signify a myriad of different plumbing problems. If left unchecked, this knocking could damage the pipes causing them to leak, or send them off of their mountings altogether.

You never really realize just how important your plumbing is until you don’t have it anymore, and we at Cardigan can help to make sure that this is a hard lesson you don’t have to learn. If you suspect your plumbing is in need of an upgrade or repair, simply call us at Cardigan today.

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