Are Drain Pipe Cleaners Safe?

Crofton Maryland Plumbing Services - Are Drain Pipe Cleaners Safe?

There are some issues with home or work plumbing that can—and should!—be solved with just a little bit of extra DIY effort. One of these is if you experience poor water flow to a single tap. Often the issue here is just unscrewing the tap itself, and cleaning out the aerator, then replacing it. An easy fix. Other issues, however, should only be tackled by professional Crofton Maryland plumbing services.

Is a slow draining pipe one of these? Or can you take care of the problem yourself with a drainpipe cleaner you buy from the store?

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First, the good news is that a drain pipe cleaner that you buy at a store is likely to work and clear out your drains for smaller blockages and obstructions. If you have a slow drain in your bathroom sink or bathtub, for example, especially if a build-up causes it over time of hair, a typical retail drain pipe cleaning formula has good odds of doing the trick.

The bad news is that if you’re not careful, you may damage your pipes and then require professionals to come in and replace it, which can more. The reason for this is simple; drainpipe cleaners use very strong, harsh, caustic acids with corrosive properties to dissolve obstructions. And while organic blockage like hair will dissolve quickly when exposed, there is also chance that your pipes may be vulnerable to this acid as well.

In the case of older metal pipes, pipe cleaners can weaken and dissolve pipes made out of materials like cast iron, for example. With newer plastic pipes, the heat generated by chemical reactions can damage and warp pipes, eventually causing them to fracture and leak.

This is why it’s important to use retail drainpipe cleaners carefully and sparingly. It’s not good maintenance to put it in once a week, for example. For other issues, however, get the professionals, and call Crofton Maryland plumbing services.