Are Glass Cabinet Doors Right For Your Kitchen?

Contractor Kitchen Cabinets: Are Glass Doors Right For Your Kitchen?

Cabinets are one of the biggest and most visible features of a kitchen, and to get the best results, professional contractor kitchen cabinets should be installed. However, you’ve got many choices to pick from here, and one of the more distinct options is to have glass cabinet doors, but these have pros and cons.

Open Up Your Kitchen

Glass contractor kitchen cabinets can immediately make a kitchen feel bigger because they virtually “reclaim the space.” Of course, as storage units, the cabinets take up whatever space is required, but with glass cabinets, the loss of the sense of depth doesn’t occur because people in the room can still see back to the wall, making the kitchen feel less enclosed.

A Brighter Kitchen

Glass contractor kitchen cabinets can also help to keep a kitchen feeling much brighter. Glass is a naturally reflective surface despite being transparent, so the reflection of house lights or daylights has a big impact on the visibility in the kitchen.

More Expensive

On the con side, of course, is cost. Because this is glass, materials and installation will cost more than conventional cabinets. You have to be prepared to spend if you really like the idea of having glass contractor kitchen cabinets for your remodeling. When you invest in glass, you’re paying for the look, not necessarily the durability.

More Delicate

Another unavoidable consideration is the delicacy of glass. Even when glass doesn’t break, it can splinter and crack when things accidentally impact them. And, of course, glass is more fragile than a solid wood cabinet, so it is more susceptible to damage in general.

Another factor of this is maintenance. Glass will show every smudge, fingerprint, or streak of grease, so keeping it clean requires more effort from homeowners.

If you’re looking at a major kitchen remodeling and one of the big ticket items is new contractor kitchen cabinets, contact us today.