Are You Looking After Your Plumbing In Crofton, MD?

Are You Looking After Your Plumbing In Crofton, MD?

You may think you’re looking after your plumbing in Crofton, MD, but just how closely do you pay attention to it on a daily basis? Your plumbing is one of your most important and most used fixtures in your home, but few homeowners really pay close attention until their plumbing fails. Typically, before a plumbing failure occurs, there have been signs along the way pointing to an impending problem. Looking after your plumbing in Crofton, MD helps you to catch these symptoms before they grow into serious plumbing failures.

A few symptoms you can look for with your plumbing in Crofton, MD are:

• Dripping faucets – A dripping faucet seems minor. The water drips sporadically, it doesn’t fill the sink, and it only drips from time to time. Dripping faucets, however, cause you to waste gallons of water each year, and they’re often a sign of a problem with the silicone washers in your plumbing system. These washers form seals that prevent leaks when the taps are turned off, and when the tear or dislodge, this can lead to dripping and leaks. An ignored drip now could turn into a leak later on.

• Slow drains – Slow drains aren’t completely clogged drains, so they don’t need to be looked after, right? This is a common thought, but unfortunately also an incorrect one. A slow drain is a step away from a clogged drain, and a clogged drain can be difficult to manage in some circumstances. While some clogs may be able to be cleared on your own, others will be more severe and can lead to pipe damage over time.

• Running toilet – If your toilet keeps running, or you need to jiggle the handle after flushing, you could be wasting a significant amount of money each year into your water bills. Sediment or an issue with the flapper valve is typically at the root of the problem, but until this problem is fixed you do run the risk of continued wasted water and potential leaks.

• Noisy pipes – Noisy pipes aren’t usually normal, and these sounds you’re hearing could be impending problems hidden behind the walls, under sinks, and elsewhere throughout the home. When you hear a strange noise coming from your pipes, it’s important to call the professionals right away before any problem gets worse.

If you’re in need of a professional to look after your plumbing in Crofton, MD, call us at Cardigan today to ensure your pipes are in good shape.