Are You Ready For A Smart Kitchen?

Bowie Remodeling - Are You Ready For A Smart Kitchen?

Homeowners that have decided it’s time to get the kitchen of their dreams often have to stop and think about what exactly that means as they talk to a Bowie remodeling company. It’s not just enough to have the money available for a kitchen remodel; it’s also important to think about what kind of changes constitute a home improvement that you feel is an actual improvement, rather than just a change in the look of the room.

One of the things that many homeowners are now doing during their Bowie remodeling is embracing the digital age we live in. The “smart home,” is leaping off the pages of science fiction and coming into our homes, and the “smart kitchen” is a part of that evolution.

A Connected Kitchen

A smart home is a concept that takes advantage of the new “Internet of Things” trend in technology. IoT means that many devices are now being built with an ability to connect to the Internet. Phones were the first devices to take advantage of this, but now security cameras, climate control and yes, even kitchen devices, are now a part of this trend.
So what you get with a Bowie remodeling if you decide you want a “smart kitchen?” How does having a kitchen with a connection to the Internet improve the kitchen experience?

The Fridge

Refrigerators were some of the first appliances to go “smart,” and they took advantage of Internet connectivity in many unique ways. Because today’s fridges are quite large in size, that made this appliance a natural fit for a large display. These screens can do many things, from act as a “whiteboard” for family members to leave messages, to allow “casting” if you’re watching a program, and then want to keep watching in the kitchen. The screens can sometimes also be transparent, so if you want to look in the fridge without opening it, you can do so.
Smart fridges can do more, however. For instance, they can retrieve recipes and display them on the screen, they can keep track of the expiration dates of different items in the fridge to warn when you something is about to expire, and they can even keep track of different items in the fridge, letting you know when supplies are running low. Some smart fridges even have cameras built in, so you can check from your phone to get a look inside and see if you need more milk or eggs.

Smart Stoves

Even cooking or baking has gotten smarter with the addition of the smart stove, or range. Today’s stoves are much more versatile if you’re willing to spend the money during your Bowie remodeling. For example, new stoves, if you prefer, can use different power sources, so that your range is powered by gas to cook your food, while the oven is powered by electricity if you prefer that for baking and roasting.
Some smart ovens offer greater versatility with compartmentalized oven spaces so that two different items can be baked or roasted at different temperatures simultaneously. And of course, Internet connectivity means you can activate features by voice, or even pre-heat the oven according to a recipe the oven “reads!”