Are Your Pipes Ready For The Winter?

Crofton Plumbing Services And Winterizing Your Pipes

While Maryland may not be as far north as states like New York and New Hampshire, this part of the country still gets proper, chilly, snowy winters when the weather conditions align. As a result, with the arrival of every winter, there’s the risk of pipes freezing, and this is something the Crofton plumbing services can both fix and prevent.

Why Do Pipes Freeze?

Pipes freeze because water freezes. All it takes is for the temperatures to drop and stay at 25℉ for a sustained period, and water pipes, depending on their location, will have the water inside freeze. The riskiest time is overnight, when most people are asleep, and no one is using any water for toilets or showers, thus not having any water circulate through the pipes for a long period of time.

What Happens If Pipes Freeze?

The immediate result is you don’t get any water. You’ll turn on your taps or even shower, and nothing will come out. However, the more dangerous consequence is that the pipes may break, leading to messy, possibly damaging leaks.

When water freezes, it expands. If it freezes in a container at full capacity, it can crack or break that container once it grows in size, such as the cracks in glass jars if they are full of water and placed in a freezer. The same thing can happen to pipes.

Getting It Fixed

Some homeowners try to fix the issue themselves by trying to melt the ice in the pipes. Do not attempt to solve the problem yourself with flame! Homeowners have burned down their homes this way! Crofton plumbing services experts can safely restore water flow from frozen pipes. Perhaps more importantly, however, they can prevent future freezes from occurring by installing insulation in vulnerable pipes. If your home regularly experiences frozen pipes during cold snaps, call Crofton plumbing services experts to fix the problem, and prevent future freezes.