Avoid Plumbing Mistakes During Your Remodel

Avoid Plumbing Mistakes During Your Remodel

   As you have likely realized by now, there are many moving parts and components that go into a remodel. The choices and decisions that you have to make are endless! If you have not realized this yet – you soon will. Below are some tips to help you avoid costly plumbing mistakes during your remodel.

The Sink Should Be The First Thing You Choose

It is much easier to fit cabinets around a sink, than to find a sink that fits into the design of your new cabinets. If you wait until the end of your remodel to choose a sink, you could be stuck cutting a new hole or cutting your new cabinets to make the sink fit. Choose a sink that will fit the theme of your redesign, and be sure it is properly installed with the correct pipe connections before proceeding further.

And Do The Same For Your Toilet

When replacing a toilet, your measurements will need to match what is currently in place. The “rough in,” which is considered the distance between the pipe outlet and the wall, should be measured before selecting a new toilet. Your new toilet should have a matching “rough in.”

Talk Pricing

You should have an honest assessment of your expected budget, and should communicate this to your contractor. Your contractor should be able to come up with a remodel design that fits within your budget. When determining your budget, you personally should account for a buffer of approximately 10% in case unexpected issues arise or are discovered, which will increase your costs. So, if your budget is $10,000, quote your budget to the contractor as $9,000.

Trust The Plumbing Experts

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