Avoid These Remodeling Mistakes

Avoid These Remodeling Mistakes

Over the past few years, the remodel business has truly blossomed. It’s so popular that the industry now has its own event, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. However, the growing popularity has made consumers susceptible to pitfalls and mistakes. A remodel should not be taken lightly – it is an extensive undertaking. While a remodel has many benefits to offer, falling into common pitfalls can undermine the process.

Not Having A Clear Vision

Remodeling just for the sake of remodeling will not yield any happiness in the long term. You should have a clear vision of what you are looking for in a remodel, and exactly why you are looking for it. Convey this vision to contractors beforehand, and be sure the plans they draw up meet your expectations.

Not Setting a Budget

We’ve spent time in other blogs discussing how costs can impact your remodel, but setting a budget cannot be stressed enough. When you are entering a project, you need to have a clear idea of what your price range is. You should allow yourself a 20-percent buffer for costs that arise during the remodel. So if your budget is $20,000, set the project at $16,000. No project is worth burdening you with debt.

Not Planning Ahead

You should have a clear idea of the schedule surrounding the project. Know how your life could be disrupted and when. Be sure you know which contractors and subcontractors are scheduled to work, helping to run the project run smoothly and efficiently.

Let Us Help You!

Our trusted team at Kitchens and Baths by Cardigan can help you avoid remodeling mistakes. We are there for you throughout the entire process, from the planning stages to completion of the remodel. All too often people jump into a project, not knowing what they are getting themselves into. Be prepared and do your research so that your remodel will be a truly successful one!