Bath and Kitchen Countertops: Small But Efficient Changes

For many Crofton residents, chores like cleaning the house are just a part of owning a home. People have a number of approaches to this practice, whether it is spot cleaning counter in the kitchen after a meal, or spending a Saturday morning scrubbing down the bathroom shower and tub. However, many individuals don’t realize that decisions like planning a remodel to these rooms can actually minimize housework overall.

Different counter surfaces can show wear, spots, and stains more easily than others. Because of this, you may be spending more time than you really need in ensuring that everything looks tidy. Cabinet fronts and range hoods are also areas that get a lot of use, and can collect a lot of stains. The materials, surface coats, and even color choices for these places can also impact the appearance of wear and grime. Making a change to the kitchen or bath may be motivated by wanting a fresh look, but the new fixtures and design choices can still impact how your keep it staying clean.

Considering Use And Traffic On Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops

Bath and kitchen countertops can take a considerable beating. Old stains and even burns can not only be unsightly, but can also be near impossible to clean away. Cambria countertops are a good choice for these high traffic areas, but especially in the kitchen since the finished quartz is highly resistant to scratches and wear. Since these are stone countertops, this addition to a remodel can also reduce the risk of scorch marks from hot pots and pans.

Another popular choice for people who are remodeling kitchens and baths is Silestone counters, which are mostly quartz in composition, but have a proprietary finish that makes them anti-bacterial. Along with a range of colors from dark grey to off-white,Silestone countertops also offer homeowners a choice of textures to add a unique touch to the kitchen or bath.

While the decision to remodel can be as simple as replacing or adding bath and kitchen countertops, or as involved as redoing the whole room from faucet fixtures to cabinets, the results can give a lasting beauty that is easier to keep up with. At Cardigan, we can help you with the choices between different counter finishes and colors, but we can also give you design help for the whole room. If you would like to enhance your living space and make your day to day life more efficient, we invite you to visit our website and see what a difference even a small change can make.

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