Is It Time For Bathroom Or Kitchen Remodeling?

Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling - Is It Time To Start?For over 50 years, Cardigan has been one of the original plumbing services in the Bowie and Crofton area. We know and love this area, from taking in games at Prince Georges Stadium to enjoying some good food and good times at Moni’s Place. This family business has grown up and loved the Bowie and Crofton, Maryland area, and now has a third-generation master plumber at the reins to ensure that same family commitment to quality work and customer care continues.

Cardigan Kitchens & Baths originally started as primarily a plumbing service, but we applied our work not just to the pipes but to the rooms—kitchens and bathrooms—the pipes were in, and quickly transitioned to fully servicing kitchens, bathrooms, and eventually the whole home.

If you’re thinking of a bathroom and kitchen remodeling, there are a few good reasons that now may be the best time to go ahead and invest. Any of these factors can play an important role in your decision.

The Plumbing Is Old

As our first entry into the business was plumbing, this is still an area we know best. If you’ve moved into a home from the earlier half of the 20th century and haven’t had any extensive repairs or remodeling done, the plumbing is both out of date and badly in need of replacement.

Some homes, for example, are over 100 years old may still contain the original cast iron drainage pipes or lead water pipes. These can present both health and even structural problems for a home. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling refreshes the look of a home. It can be a vital opportunity to update plumbing to the latest materials, meaning safe water distribution throughout the house and many decades of trouble-free operation.

You Need More Space

Families can often grow in size, which can mean a need for more bathroom space. When everyone is trying to get to work or school within roughly the same timeframe, bathroom access can be at a premium in homes. However, bathroom and kitchen remodeling that adds an extra half-bath, or even two, can make a huge difference both for families in residence and even during gatherings with many visitors.

Bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling can create more usable space in a home. “Useless” areas such as under a flight of stairs, a hall leading to a kitchen, or even a large closet can be easily converted into a half-bathroom that adds more convenience and more value to a home. If you enjoy having access to more bathrooms in your home, the same will be true for buyers if you ever decide to sell the house.

The Rooms Are Dated

Other rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms can be quickly given a brand new look with just a fresh coat of paint and purchasing new furniture. Bathrooms and kitchens, however, are much more challenging. The fixtures and appliances in these rooms, such as counters, cabinets, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, are all large, permanent, and often picked at the time of installation for looking modern by the standards of their decade. Unfortunately, that also means that an extremely contemporary design or look can appear very obviously out of synch with modern design sensibility within a decade.

The only way to modernize a bathroom or a kitchen is with bathroom and kitchen remodeling. New cabinets can be installed; new counters can be installed; new tiles for a kitchen or bathroom floor change the look. And of course, for bathrooms, dated-looking toilets or tubs can be replaced with more contemporary versions, some of which even have new features or greater water efficiency compared to older models from previous decades.

Get The Job Done Right

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling can often be the most expensive investments made in home improvement. At the same time, however, this work can also dramatically improve the quality of life at home and add value to the overall sales price of a property should the time ever come to sell. While it’s true that any home improvement project can be a do-it-yourself job, with something on the scale of bathroom and kitchen remodeling, you get professional results when you bring in professional artisans to do their work.

Cardigan Kitchens & Baths has the experience to do a great job and do the job that works best for your home needs. Whether you are finally investing in that dream kitchen that is just the way you want it, adding a new bathroom to your home as your family grows, or even remodeling a bathroom for mobility issues as you get older and wish to remain in your home, the job gets done.

If you’re ready for bathroom and kitchen remodeling in your home, contact us and explain your needs. We can help you figure out what’s in your budget to ensure that you get what you need out of what you’re willing to spend.