Bathroom Cabinet Remodeling

Bathroom Cabinet RemodelingThere’s a lot of history in central Maryland. While the first sustainable English colony was Virginia, Maryland wasn’t far behind, and some of the buildings and historical sites are much older than the United States is.

At the same time, a lot of the construction in the area is new. With Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis as next-door neighbors, commuters have lived in the communities between them since the railroad first arrived and it’s built up in every decade since them.

As a result, people who live in or near Crofton, Maryland can live in homes built decades or a century apart. That makes it a challenge to update the electric appliances and plumbing fixtures, and so it helps to have a professional contractor to handle the job. Cardigan Kitchens and Baths operates out of Crofton, and we offer comprehensive kitchen and bathroom cabinet remodeling along with plumbing and appliance upgrades and ceramic tile installations.

It All Started With Plumbing

Back when Cardigan first opened for business in 1971, our list of services was much shorter than it is today. The company started out as a local plumbing service that fixed things like bathtubs, toilets, water heaters, sinks, and more. You can still get a full list of plumbing services from Cardigan, but today’s company also offers remodeling services for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and other parts of the house.

The reason our company focuses on these areas is because they’re the hardest rooms in the house to remodel. You can’t just throw on a new coat of paint and rearrange the furniture, you need to replace the plumbing fixtures, the appliances, and go through a complete kitchen and bathroom cabinet remodeling. Fortunately, Cardigan is up to the task.

We Offer Yorktowne Cabinets

Our cabinetry supplier is Yorktowne, an American company that offers quality cabinets in a practically limitless variety of designs, woods, finishes, and colors. If you want your cabinets to be a perfect match for your new design, you can count on Yorktowne to have what you need to accomplish your kitchen or bathroom cabinet remodeling.

Thanks to the many finishes Yorktowne offers, you can enjoy the real wood grain of your cabinets in a light peppercorn gray, a dark-red burgundy, ebony, or any shade of brown you can think of. The basic wood underneath can be one of several hardwoods, including maple, oak, and cherry. You can also get your cabinets painted any color of the rainbow, and if the distressed look would fit your home better Yorktowne can accommodate that, too.

You don’t have to limit your cabinets to the kitchen and bathroom, either. Adding some big cabinets to your laundry room is a good way to help you organize your cleaning supplies and keep them locked away where kids can’t accidentally get them. Cabinets can also come in handy for organizing and framing your home entertainment system so your old collection of DVDs and other discs is always close at hand.

We Can Modernize Your Home

At Cardigan, we understand that a big part of the appeal of an old home comes from the old architecture and fashion sense. A lot of the older houses between Washington and Baltimore have a character you just can’t find in the newer homes that crowd around them. However, while old designs are often the best, there are two rooms in the house where newer is almost always better.

The biggest reason to get a kitchen appliance remodeling or a bathroom cabinet remodeling is the fact that new appliances and fixtures offer a lot more than older models. New designs are more efficient with your electricity and water, they come with online connections that let you change their settings using your smartphone, and they come with extra features like filtered water from the refrigerator and a built-in display in the shower. When you contract with Cardigan, we can help preserve the look and feel of an older home while making sure the appliances are up to date.

Our origins were humble, but these days Cardigan is one of the best choices around when you need new ceramic tiles, a new oven and refrigerator for the kitchen, or a bathroom cabinet remodeling. So if you live in Crofton or one of its neighboring communities and you want a home with a new look, contact Cardigan today so we can help you design your brand-new interior.