Bathroom Improvement Inspiration For An Easier To Clean New Space 

Bathroom Improvement Inspiration For An Easier To Clean New Space

The bathroom isn’t just one of the most used spaces of the home, it’s also one of the most often cleaned. Few people really look forward to cleaning their bathroom, but bathroom improvement in the form of a remodel can make the process just a bit easier. With a fresh new bathroom that grows with your needs, you can spend less time cleaning your bathroom and more time enjoying it and the rest of your home. A few bits of inspiration you can use to design an easier to clean bathroom are:

• Wipe down walls – Moisture accumulates on the walls of a bathroom, and even those with great ventilation may have walls that have a certain dull or “grimy” look to them after a while. Walls that make use of tile or other easy to wipe down surfaces make it a cinch to keep your bathroom clean. Wiping down the walls can be a process that takes little more than just a couple of minutes.

• Focus on ventilation – Ventilation is more important in the bathroom than in just about any other room. Without ventilation, you’re not just tidying up and keeping soap scum at bay, you’re also likely to be fighting mold. Focusing on ventilation is one key way to lessen the load when it comes to keeping your bathroom sparkling and fresh.

• Focus on storage – Storage is your most valuable weapon against clutter, and eliminating clutter eliminates a great deal of legwork when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. For small bathrooms, this may mean taking up vertical space for ample storage, and larger bathrooms may choose to design and install some type of closet for tucked away storage that fits just about anything. When mapping out your bathroom improvement remodel, consider what you keep in the bathroom and just how much space you’ll need to keep your things tucked away and organized.

Bathroom improvement inspiration isn’t just about style, it’s about function, and part of that function is your ability to keep your fresh new bathroom looking spectacular for years to come. For more inspiration for your bathroom improvement remodel, contact us at Cardigan today.