Bathroom & Kitchen Flooring Options That Stand Up To Kids

With kids around the house, your kitchen and bathroom may take a bit of a beating! Dropped toys, spills, running, and heavy wear and tear come along with having children enjoying time in the home, and you’ll want your new kitchen and bathroom to be able to stand up to the task. At Cardigan, we can remodel your kitchen or bathroom in a way that allows it to stand up to even the most active children, and it all starts with your choice of flooring.

With your flooring, this is where most of the wear and tear will be happening. Countertops or cabinetry won’t be subject to dropped toys, wheels, running, and the real wear your floor will be subjected to, so focusing on your floor is focusing on a kitchen or bathroom that will last you for a satisfyingly long time. At Cardigan, we can help you to start from the ground up in your new bathroom or kitchen, and we want to outline a few flooring options that may be worth further investigation.

Ceramic tile is an excellent option for durability, and it provides one great benefit in the situation that it does experience any damage. With ceramic tile, if one tile becomes damaged, you don’t have to redo your entire floor, and you’ll only need to replace the single tile, or few tiles, in order to fix the problem. This not only allows repairs to be more inexpensive, but much easier and more convenient to carry out as well.

Our second top pick is vinyl, and vinyl is an option that is made to be extremely durable. Vinyl flooring in your kitchen or bathroom will be exceptionally easy to clean, and it will be able to ride out any damage your little ones put it through! With occasional sweeping and mopping, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom & kitchen flooring looking brand new for years to come!

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