Bathroom Makeover Ideas: Your Peaceful Corner

While the bathroom is not always immediately thought of as a place of relaxation, many people in families find that their time in this part of the home is the only time for peace. Whether this is just doing practical things to get ready for the day, or taking a nice warm soak, the bathroom can be a sanctuary to let go of stress and get away for a while.

Although individuals can also have a variety of showering habits, depending upon occupation, exercise routines, or even just as a way to wake up, being in water generates a naturally relaxing response from both the body and the mind.Water therapy in the tub or the shower is actually a holistic practice for health, but in the modern society, it can also offer an escape that becomes invigorating and renewing.

Deciding upon a bathroom remodel can help to achieve this sense of peace in greater luxury and can include a variety of practical and decorative choices which enhance the atmosphere.

Here are some of our bathroom makeover ideas:

  • Retiling the bathroom for a beautiful environment
  • Outfitting the room with a larger tub for complete relaxation
  • Remodeling the shower stall for a more modern look
  • Replacing faucet fixtures for better water dispersion
  • Recreating a spa atmosphere for a complete sense of getting away


Whether you are interested in an entire makeover to your bathroom, or just in fixing up the cabinetry and sinks for a fresher look, Cardigan can help you achieve these ends with our bathroom makeover ideas and expertise. We are able to help you with design ideas, or you can let our design specialist generate new ideas for the old room. Making a few changes here and there can not only enhance your everyday bathroom rituals, but can also give you a truly unique space to relax and leave your worries behind.

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