Bathroom Organization Ideas: Creating Space

Bathrooms can tend to become cluttered very quickly, especially if there is limited storage room for all the tools and products that get used on a regular basis. While many people will try to stash as much as they can in a mirror bathroom cabinet or below the sink vanity, these spaces can become overcrowded very quickly.

These factors can not only make bathroom organization difficult, but they can also lead to a sense of limited space. This can be further heightened in bathrooms that have no natural lightings, or have dark wall coloring. All of these aspects can detract from what could be a good structural foundation for a truly beautiful bathroom.

Adding Bathroom Cabinets Can Add Room

While a full bathroom remodel may not be necessary, considering the addition of cabinetry and extra counter space can make an impactful difference. Many homeowners think that trying to put more additions into a room that already feels crowded will only worsen the situation, but it is important to consider both the functional and aesthetic improvements that bathroom cabinets can make.


  • Current clutter can be easily organized and stored
  • Brighter color contrasts can create the feeling of space
  • Low maintenance cabinet finishes make for easy cleaning
  • Addition of counter surfaces on sink vanities can generate more room
  • Wall cabinetry in bathrooms clears out space to move around


Even smaller guest bathrooms can become organized and look beautiful with a small remodel that is focused on clean lines and the creation of storage space. These additions can complement existing décor, or can become the foundation to changing the whole room.

Homeowners are often amazed at how such easy changes can alter the entire look and functionality of a bathroom. At Cardigan, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail and craftsmanship that we can offer you as you consider different bathroom cabinets in the process of even the smallest remodel.

We can help you determine how to maximize your bathroom space, and put a fresh look on the room. If your bathroom clutter is causing you distress, then we recommend that you contact Cardigan or visit our website to get some ideas and inspiration on how your bathroom can be transformed through the addition of cabinets to give you more space and a better aesthetic appeal.

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