Bathroom Plumbing: What About The Pipes?

Bathroom Remodeling - Bathroom Plumbing: What About The Pipes?

If you’re getting some bathroom remodeling done, most of your thinking is going to be focused on the new tile for the floor, the type of toilet, bathtub and shower you want, or maybe what kind of walls you’d like to have. However, there’s another big question you need to think about, and that’s what’s going to happen with the water pipes. This can have a big effect on your budget.

The As-Is Solution

In some cases, especially for younger homes, your remodeling company may tell you that the water pipes and other plumbing are just fine as they are. More recent homes will be using modern materials for the pipe, and if you like the bathroom exactly where it is, with all the fixtures exactly where they are, then you’ve got no additional worries with cost, your new fixtures can be “plugged in” to the existing pipes.

Replace Old Pipes

On the other hand, you may be living in an old Victorian home that is still using older metal pipes. If your home’s plumbing is 50 or even 100 years old, your remodelers may present you with an opportunity to modernize your home. This will not only add value to your property, but it can also mean much more reliable operation.

Get New Pipes During Your Bathroom Remodeling

This is often a necessity for people that want to add a bathroom where one wasn’t before or redistribute space in a home, by moving the bathroom to another location. This is the most expensive option, especially if a new bathroom is going to an area of the home with no nearby connections to the current plumbing. However, if you want water fixtures in places where none existed before, you’ll need new water and drainage pipes.

As long as you carefully explain and plan this work with an experienced remodeler, you’ll get the results that you want.