Kitchen vs. Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Reconstruction Vs. Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

Cabinets are often the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling projects. However, this is often not the case with bathroom reconstruction. Bathroom cabinets are still often useful but play a far less vital role in the bathroom experience, so what’s the difference between the two?

Less Storage

The biggest difference is that kitchen cabinets are meant to store much more. Kitchen cabinets and drawers are intended for utensils, food, smaller appliances like air fryers or rice cookers, pots, pans, and dishes. Bathroom cabinets are intended largely for towels and toiletries such as brushes, combs, makeup, or maybe even medications, so they don’t need to be anywhere near as big.

More Water Resistance

Unlike kitchen cabinets, which are mostly only at risk of water exposure from the sink and stove, bathroom cabinets face the prospect of steam from baths and showers, in addition to direct exposure from the sink. As a result, bathroom cabinets must be built with water resistance in mind since frequent moisture is just a fact of life for this room. However, unlike the kitchen, mold and mildew growth are major factors.

Different Dimensions

Because bathroom cabinets are expected to store less, their dimensions vary from those of kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets tend to have a few inches more depth for the kind of pottery they are expected to store. Another big difference is that kitchen cabinets and countertops only have a small portion taken up by the sink, whereas the rest of the area is dedicated to food preparation.

On the other hand, bathroom cabinets are centered entirely around the bathroom sink itself since the primary purpose here is preparing people for the start or end of the day. This also means that some lower cabinet space is necessarily sacrificed for the sake of plumbing from the sink or sinks.

Of course, if more space is needed, additional cabinets can be built and installed. If you need reliable professionals to work on your bathroom reconstruction project, contact us today.