Bathroom Remodeling and Design Trends to Check Off Your List

Bathroom Remodeling Crofton Ideas And Design Trends

Ready to get the scoop on the most up-to-date bathroom remodeling and design trends to consider? Before undertaking your next Bathroom remodeling Crofton job, take a look at these popular trends.

Large Tiles

New tile work is always a great way to update the space and should definitely be included in any bathroom remodeling Crofton project you undertake. The trend for 2022 is large, oversized tile in warmer tones. This trend is becoming popular for vanities, flooring, and wall tiles.

Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub is becoming a popular choice for those who love long soaks and relish in their relaxation time. This is not a new trend but is rather a trend picking up speed this year. A freestanding tub gives your bathroom a more modern and sleek design and creates the perfect focal point for the space.

New Tile Patterns and Shapes

Patterns and designs of the past, as well as new designs, are also hitting the market. Instead of standard tile shapes and colors, we see an influx of color and design options to choose from. You can find these new tiles for the flooring, backsplash, and shower walls. They can also be used as accents throughout the bathroom to liven up the space.

Wallpaper Is Back

Wallpaper is also making a comeback this year. There are now bold, colorful, and beautiful patterns you can choose from. These styles can go a long way if you are trying to make more of an impact in the bathroom. Newer wallpaper types are even peel and stick, making it easier than ever to use.

Upgrade Storage Space

You may also find that it is time to look beyond the cabinets in your bathroom and find other ways to improve on the storage space you have available. You can add shelves on the sides of the mirrors, above the toilet, or even in the shower.

Create a Comfortable Space

No matter which of these design trends you jump on, you want to ensure the final result is the bathroom of your dreams.

Find a bathroom remodeling Crofton company like Cardigan Kitchens and Baths. They can discuss all your design options with you and help you make all your bathroom remodeling dreams a reality.