Bathroom Remodeling In Maryland

Bathroom Remodeling In MarylandMaryland is one of the oldest states in the Union, and it has some of the oldest suburbs thanks to early passenger trains that traveled between Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis. The suburbs built up even more after World War II, and they continue to grow even today. There’s a lot of history in central Maryland, but there’s also a lot of modern homes.

If you live in Maryland, you could have several good reasons to renovate your home’s bathroom.

• You’re moving out and you want your home to have a good sale.
• Your family is changing and you need your home’s bathrooms to change with it.
• Your income is going up and you’d like a modern bathroom with new plumbing fixtures to go with it.
• Your bathroom is old and you need a remodeling to repair all the damage.

Whatever your reasons are, bathroom remodeling in Maryland can be fast and painless when you call in expert contractors like the ones at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths based in Crofton, Maryland.

Modernize Your Bathroom Even With A Classic Style

Many people prefer to live in older homes because they like the architectural style and the sense of history it offers. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to live without modern conveniences like dishwashers, low-flow toilets, smart appliances, or internet connections. Fortunately, when you hire the right contractor for your bathroom remodeling in Maryland you can get your modern technology without hurting your home’s old-fashioned style.

At Cardigan, we let our clients have full control over their bathroom remodeling. We can install shower stalls, bathtubs big and small, modern toilets, mirrors, and countertops. Along with bathrooms, we can also remodel kitchens: whether you want to replace your appliances or you want to completely redesign the look and layout of your kitchen, Cardigan has the expertise it takes to get the job done no matter how complex it is.

Enjoy New Cabinets With An Old Look

A big part of both kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Maryland is cabinet design, and so at Cardigan we partner with a cabinet maker named Yorktowne. Thanks to Yorktowne, we can offer a variety of cabinets made of several hardwood options and either stained or painted just about any color you could want. Yorktowne even offers pre-distressed cabinets for clients who want an older, lived-in look.

Cabinets can come in handy for more than just kitchens and bathrooms, too. A few cabinets in your laundry or utility room could be a very handy way to store mops, brooms, and cleaning chemicals where the kids can’t reach them. Cabinets are also a handy way to organize your home entertainment system and sort your home media so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Fix Up One Room Or Your Whole House

Part of the reason Cardigan specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Maryland is because these are the hardest rooms in the house to remodel. Bedrooms, family rooms, and dining rooms can go through some big changes by simply moving furniture around and repainting the walls, but with bathrooms and kitchens you need to pull out the cabinets, move very heavy appliances, and move the wires and pipes behind the walls and floor if you want a dramatic change.

However, sometimes it helps to have Cardigan’s help in other areas of the house. Switching out the washer and dryer can also be a big job if you don’t have a professional on your side. You’ll also need a professional if you want to fix or upgrade your water heater or install a basement sump pump. We can also add ceramic tile floors and backsplashes of all sorts of patterns to any room you want them in. Finally, Cardigan is a fully licensed plumbing service you can hire for any kind of plumbing maintenance or repair job even if you don’t need a remodeling.

At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Maryland for clients throughout the greater Baltimore-Washington metro area. We can handle repairs, appliance and plumbing fixture replacements, tile installation, cabinet building, and full room remodeling. Give us a call today and schedule an initial consultation to start learning exactly what we can do.