Bathroom Renovation Designs and Trends for 2019

Bathroom Renovation Designs and Trends for 2019

If you are still deciding whether or not to carry through with your bathroom renovation, then here are a few bathroom renovation designs and trends for 2019 that may have you making up your mind a bit faster.

When you renovate your bathroom, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete overhaul. You may just need to make a few smaller changes here and there to update and refresh the space.

Pops of Color

To accomplish a more modern and refreshed look for the bathroom, consider using patterned tiles and linens with brighter and more vibrant colors and patterns. Blush pinks contrasting against neutrals is definitely in for this upcoming year.

Go Victorian

For a more timeless and classic look for your bathroom, a mood inspired Victorian look may be exactly what you need. If you have a classic claw foot tub and more vintage appeal, then darker colors against white make for a classic look.

Choose New Tile

For a more Zen approach, you can consider switching out your tile for marble tile resembling organic shapes and elements such as leaves or fish scales. They can provide a clean look and contrast nicely against soft mint colors or even grays.

You can also choose a different color or pattern for your tiles that can complement the other fixtures already in the space. Perhaps a black and white checkered tile print against all brass or gold fixtures.

You can also use tile on the wall to offer more style to the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to branch out. Soft neutral colors will work well against ceramic and glossy finishes. It can create an updated modern and contemporary look for the bathroom and completely reinvent the space.


Finally, choosing the right lighting is also important when considering the finishing touches on your bathroom renovation. With functionality and design in mind, you want to consider practical lighting options that will still fit in with your design. From discrete lighting fixtures to backlit mirrors and under shelf lighting, the options are plentiful.

If you are ready to move forward with your bathroom renovation and want to discuss your options, contact us at Cardigan today.