The Benefits Of Going With Quartz Countertops

The Benefits Of Going Quartz

Quartz countertops first began gaining popularity in Europe during the turn of the 21st century and quickly moved to the United States, where the trend continued. Since 2004, sales of quartz countertops in the US have risen by 60%, and this steep trend is easy to understand when you consider just how many pros quartz seems to offer. When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, it pays for any homeowner to consider quartz when weighing out their countertop options.

First and foremost, quartz offers an almost unlimited style availability. Any color, pattern, or particular look can be achieved with quartz, giving homeowners the look of any style they’d like, but with the added benefits of natural stone. If you’d like your quartz countertops to look like natural stone, they can, or if you’d prefer they take on a trendy “unnatural” color, you have that option as well. The look of your remodel is completely in your hands when you opt for a quartz countertop installation.

Because quartz countertops are made from stone, you’re also getting something that is incredibly durable. When treated properly, quartz countertops can last long through the life of your remodel and then some, giving you a dependable countertop you’ll never need to worry about. While highly durable, they are not immune to damage, however, and homeowners should be careful not to chip the edges of their quartz countertops or allow them to be exposed to extreme heat unprotected.

Quartz is also a non-porous option, which means 99.9% of bacteria can be simply cleaned and wiped away from its surface. In addition to being simple to clean, its lack of pores also makes it much less likely to stain when compared to other porous options, so you don’t have that worry of spaghetti night leaving an unwanted mark.

Quartz countertops are an excellent option for homeowners to consider in any kitchen or bathroom remodel. With your ability to style and design how you like, and low-maintenance care, you can rest assured that you have something you’ll be able to love for the long haul. To see if quartz countertops are what you need to make your remodel your own, talk to us at Cardigan today.