Benefits Of Bathroom Vents

Baltimore Contractors And The Benefits Of Bathroom Vents

While there’s no legal requirement for it, one of the more prudent things you can do with any bathroom ensures that your Baltimore contractors have created proper ventilation for this room. The most common solution to this is a powered extractor fan. However, an acceptable alternative is a window that can open to the outside and vent air. Here’s why good ventilation matters.

Odor Control

As with a kitchen, a bathroom is also the one area of the house that can fill with smells. Rather than the smell of food, it’s the smells associated with human waste. Without proper ventilation, these odors will linger in the bathroom and eventually disperse to the rest of the home.

With ventilation, it only takes a few minutes for strong odors to be removed and safely vented outdoors, where they won’t disturb residents.

Humidity Control

Beyond odor control, perhaps the most essential function of good bathroom ventilation is moving out moisture. Hot showers or long baths, in particular, will generate a lot of steam. Given no other alternatives, that steam will settle down in the bathroom itself until it finally dries out.

However, with ventilation, steam and other strong sources of moisture are quickly moved out of the bathroom, ensuring a much drier environment. This can even help lengthen the lifespan of things like the paint on the walls.

Mold Prevention

Finally, ventilation in a bathroom helps to prevent mold from infesting the room. Different types of mold spores are always floating around in homes, but they need the proper conditions to start a colony, such as with old bread. Some types of mold require harder surfaces with a lot of moisture. Ventilation helps keep these types of mold from infesting bathrooms.

With good ventilation adequately installed by experienced Baltimore contractors, you can enjoy a longer-lasting, healthier environment in your bathroom. Make sure you include it in your bathroom remodeling.