Beyond the Kitchen: 5 Places to Consider New Cabinets

Cabinets - Five Places To Consider Installing Besides The Kitchen

Cabinets are often synonymous with kitchens; have you ever seen a kitchen without them? They are the perfect vehicles for hiding the multiple appliances and kitchen gadgets that would otherwise crowd out your countertops. Plus, the right cabinets can make the kitchen look quite lovely.

When thinking outside the kitchen, there are plenty of places in your home that could benefit from a bit of beauty and a bunch of storage. Consider cabinets in one or more of these places to make your life more organized.

Beauty in the Bathroom

When it comes to the second most popular place to add cabinets, the bathroom follows the kitchen. Even smaller bathrooms benefit from additional space to keep things neat and tidy. A hallway linen closet can make life difficult when you need a towel right out of the shower, or a new roll of toilet paper. Add a cabinet or two and watch your life become easier.

Love It in the Laundry Room

No one loves doing laundry, but with a few beautiful cabinets lining the wall, you’ll likely find the time you spend there to be more pleasant. Cabinets hide bulky detergent and fabric softener bottles, laundry sheets, and other items you use on laundry day. Plus, you can move your cleaning supplies to a centralized place that will keep them organized and away from children and pets.

Perfect in the Playroom

Not every home has a playroom, but if you have something similar, you’ll benefit from extra cabinetry. The playroom is often strewn with a mess of toys, from miniature trucks and cars to tea party sets and dollies. Make it easier to clean and organize by installing cabinets to keep playthings out of sight. Add a few labels, and even the kids can easily put away their toys.

Organize the Office

It goes without saying that the home office has come a long way. Many people work from home either part-time or full-time, so having a space that is well-organized is essential. Cabinets can provide space for extra office supplies bought in bulk or items that are not used often, such as a printer. And the addition of beauty will make your work time more enjoyable.

Gear It Up in the Garage

We bet you never thought of this as a place to put beautiful cabinets, but you might be surprised at how many people need the extra storage space. The garage is often used as a workshop and a place to store tools and gadgets. Instead of leaving all of the items out on a workbench, or piled in boxes, why not keep them in a cabinet? Plus, cabinets add just a touch of classy beauty.

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