Do You Get Your Water From Lead Pipes?

Most Maryland residents are extremely fortunate to have a reliable source of water, straight from a tap. Rather than having to rely on fetching buckets from a well, or a river, clean, safe-to-drink water is available in your own home or business with the turn of a tap. Unfortunately, in some cases, even with water that has been safely treated at a plant, something can happen during the “delivery” of the water into your glass or pitcher. It has nothing to do withRead More

6 Reasons For Bathroom Reconstruction

Undertaking bathroom reconstruction for a home is not a cheap investment if you want it done right. However, there are plenty of reasons to consider getting it done. Here are some of the most common points to consider when looking at your bathroom and evaluating whether it’s time for some remodeling. (more…)Read More

2 Ways To Improve Your Bathroom That Get Noticed

The most important kinds of bathroom improvement are often the ones that don’t get noticed. Upgrading from early 20th-century plumbing to modern pipes, for example, is incredibly important, but it’s a change no one will ever see. There are, however, certain kinds of bathroom improvement that are immediately noticeable to everyone when they step into the room. Here are the most dramatic. (more…)Read More

Are Your Pipes Ready For The Winter?

While Maryland may not be as far north as states like New York and New Hampshire, this part of the country still gets proper, chilly, snowy winters when the weather conditions align. As a result, with the arrival of every winter, there’s the risk of pipes freezing, and this is something the Crofton plumbing services can both fix and prevent. (more…)Read More

Should You Switch Over To An Open Plan Kitchen?

It’s now a common decision that many homeowners have to make when looking for kitchen remodeling contractors to take on their projects. Older homes, especially those built before the 1980s, often had smaller, dedicated kitchen spaces. These kitchens were constructed not for form but function, assuming that one person wanted a complete run of the kitchen with no distractions. (more…)Read More

There’s More To Island Counters Than Placement

For people looking to improve their homes, working with kitchen remodeling companies to upgrade the heart of the home is a natural choice. One popular addition in recent years has been installing an island counter. Traditional kitchens have directed users to use more of a “conveyor belt” system, moving along wall counter from one phase of cooking to the next. (more…)Read More