Try Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets To Pullouts

For people who are overhauling their homes and getting new contractors kitchen cabinets, there’s one option to consider, especially for older homes with traditional cabinet systems. Instead of having an identical set of upper and lower cabinets, try replacing some lower cabinets with pullouts. (more…)Read More

5 Features For Your Master Bathroom

The master bathroom can be an important space for a home, even if it isn’t used as frequently as spaces like the kitchen and home office. A master bathroom is still a space where people get ready for the day, clean themselves up, or even relax with a warm bath. If you’re thinking of improving your master bathroom and want to add value, consider these five features when working with a bathroom remodel contractor. (more…)Read More

Glass Kitchen Cabinets Have Pros & Cons

If you’re working with a kitchen cabinets contractor to upgrade your kitchen, cabinets are one of the most visible—and expensive—ways to improve this space. One of the premium choices homeowners can consider is glass front cabinets. This is a distinctive choice that dramatically changes the look of a kitchen, but there are a few things homeowners should be aware of before they give their kitchen cabinets contractor the go-ahead. (more…)Read More

Should You Install A Dishwasher?

If you’re planning some kitchen and bath remodeling and you live in an older home, one addition you may be thinking of adding to the kitchen is a dishwasher. While not strictly necessary, many people now have dishwashers in their homes, with about 68% of American homeowners having one in the kitchen. Is it worth added investment for you? There are two big points to consider when adding a dishwasher during your kitchen and bath remodeling. (more…)Read More

Four Cost-Effective Kitchen Remodel Choices That Add More Value

For anyone thinking of getting some kitchen remodel design work done, one of the biggest issues is ensuring you get some return on your investment. Of course, this depends a lot on the goal. For some, ROI means finally having the kitchen you’ve always wanted with looks and features customized just for you. For others, ROI means making additions that increase a home’s value or sales appeal. (more…)Read More

You Can Make Your Bathroom Bigger

There are a lot of older homes in America that are wonderful, livable spaces, but they do show the design philosophies of their time. One example of this is bathroom sizes. Today, a desirable feature in many homes is a spacious, almost spa-like master or primary bathroom for the master bedroom. In the past, however, a bathroom was considered a space you wanted to spend as little time in as possible, so only the minimum functional space required was allotted. Greater preference wasRead More

What To Consider For Your Bathroom Remodeling Design 

The design process is one of the most important parts of the bathroom remodeling process and often one of the most intimidating. Afterall, it’s your design that will become your new bathroom. Working with a professional can serve as excellent inspiration for nailing the perfect bathroom remodeling design, but there may be some things you’ll want to consider first before sitting down for that first consultation: (more…)Read More