Keeping Your New Tile Flooring Looking Fresh

Having a new tile floor installed can revamp the look of your entire kitchen or bathroom, and we at Cardigan know how fresh a room can look when new tile is installed. What many homeowners strive for is keeping this flooring looking fresh, and there are several ways to do so when it comes to tile. With tile flooring, you can keep your room looking brand new for years with the right care, and it’s all about knowing how to clean up dirt,Read More

Countertop Options For Those With Children

When remodeling your kitchen, we at Cardigan always recommend that our customers take into consideration their family and how the countertops may be used in order to ensure their new kitchen lasts for the long haul. For those with children, a bit of extra wear and tear should always be taken into account when choosing your countertop or flooring surfaces, as you’ll want a surface that is able to withstand the many years of hard use that raising a family may put itRead More

Space Saver: A Custom Hutch For Any Room

At Cardigan, we do more than just kitchens and bathrooms, and we can help to design a custom hutch that can be used in any area of the home. While hutches are particularly popular in kitchens and dining rooms, they can also be used to work as book cases and entertainment centers to free up space in your home and provide a warm aesthetic appeal to work with any style.   In your living room, you may not realize just how much spaceRead More

A Bathroom Remodel Provides Style And Space

How often do you use your bathroom throughout the day? Chances are, it’s not something you count or take special note of, but your bathroom is the single most used room in your home on any given day, and a bathroom remodel can help your bathroom to work more efficiently as well as look better for your family and your guests. Our bathrooms are used for showering, dressing, getting ready for the day, relaxing, and so many other things, so why not makeRead More

The Many Benefits Of Choosing Floor Tiles

When it comes to flooring for your kitchen, bathroom, or just about any room in the house, there are many different flooring material options to choose from. At Cardigan, one of our favorites is tile, and there are several benefits to choosing floor tiles for any room in your home. From the bathroom to the living room, tile can provide an easy to clean and easy to care for flooring option perfect for withstanding all of the abuses your family may put yourRead More

The Top 3 Reasons For Kitchen Renovation

Like any area in the home, kitchens can become outdated rather quickly. The kitchen is an area in the home that you’ll be using on a daily basis to prepare meals for your family, so you’ll want to make sure you have the best of the best when it comes to your kitchen’s efficiency. A remodel can ensure that you have the best and easiest kitchen to work with, and the top 3 reasons why you may want to execute a kitchen renovation are:Read More

New Cabinet Installation To Rid Yourself Of The Clutter

Clutter is everywhere, and no matter how many times it’s picked up, it only seems to come back bigger and more irritating the next time! Areas of the home that are frequented often, like the kitchen or bathroom, are most likely to fall victim to heaps of clutter, but a new cabinet installation can really help to cut down on the mess and make your area a better organized one overall. At Cardigan, we work with our customers to give them just theRead More