4 Tips For Planning A New Kitchen

Anyone who is thinking about remodeling a kitchen should know that this is one of the biggest and typically most expensive renovation projects homeowners can undertake. Because of that, if you want a successful project, you should be detailed in planning a new kitchen remodel project and not make decisions based on impulse. Here are four tips to help homeowners start planning a new kitchen the right way. (more…)Read More

Premium Hinges Make A Difference To Your Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you want a kitchen cabinets contractor to give you the best-looking results. However, there are some aspects of what makes a cabinet a major upgrade that you don’t always see. While many people think about the cabinet doors and handles, the hinges can also make a big difference in the kitchen experience. (more…)Read More

Should You Build A Laundry Room?

Many homes in Maryland have a combination washer and dryer for doing laundry at home rather than going to a laundromat or washing everything by hand. However, some homeowners decide to take things a little bit further and have a dedicated laundry room for these appliances. (more…)Read More

Wood vs. Quartz Countertops

The countertop is one of the most visible and important parts of a kitchen. Here, all the primary food preparation occurs, so kitchen countertops are crucial for homeowners who are serious about cooking at home and want to have a good kitchen experience. (more…)Read More

Is A Walk-In Shower Or Tub Right For You?

While the bathroom isn’t used for hours at a time in the home, the same way a bedroom, office, or home theater might be, it’s still a critical room. Being able to bathe, groom, and use the toilet in privacy are all important parts of home life. (more…)Read More

Lower Cabinets May Make Better Deep Drawers

If you’re planning to work with a cabinetry contractor to upgrade the cabinets in your kitchen, now is the time to consider many new features that can improve your kitchen use experience. One of the more useful trends in kitchen design—especially for those who don’t want to have too many upper cabinets—is converting lower kitchen cabinets into deep drawers. (more…)Read More

Two Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

It’s never a bad idea to get some bathroom or kitchen remodeling done, but there’s always a question of timing. These are major—and intrusive—upgrades for a home, so you want to make sure the time is really right to do them. Here are two major signs that the time has come for bathroom or kitchen remodeling in your home. (more…)Read More